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Love Story 2050

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Love Story 20

poster of Love Story 2050
Directed by Harry Baweja
Produced by Pammi Baweja
Written by Harry Baweja
Starring Priyanka Chopra
Harman Baweja
Boman Irani
Archana Puran Singh
Music by Anu Malik
Cinematography Kiran Deohans
Editing by Merzin Tavaria
Distributed by Baweja Movies
Release date(s) July 4, 2008[1]
Running time 179 minutes[2]
Country Flag of India India
Language Hindi
Budget Rs 50 Crores (approximately)
Official website
IMDb profile

Love Story 2050 is a futuristic/sci-fi Bollywood film starring producer Pammi Baweja and director Harry Baweja's son Harman Baweja and Priyanka Chopra. Some parts of the movie were filmed in Adelaide, Australia. Initially the film was supposed to release on December 21, 2007 but got postponed to July 4, 2008 due to extensive post production work. The premiere of the movie was held on July 2, 2008 at London. [3] [4] [5] The movie was released on July 4, 2008.



Initially, when the film was announced in 2004, Kareena Kapoor had signed on to play Priyanka's role in the film, for which she was reportedly paid Rs. 30 million. Kapoor later opted out in 2006 saying she had some date problems and was replaced by Chopra. Love Story is Bollywood's first futuristic film and 1200 special effect shots, the most ever in India.[6]

The special effects are being executed by four international firms, of which two special effects’ houses — Weta Workshop (New Zealand) and John Cox (Brisbane, Australia) — have already won an Academy Award for their work on international projects.[7]

Lead actress, Priyanka Chopra will be seen playing a double role in the film.[8] Along with lead actors, Harman and Priyanka, a robot will also be seen playing a major role in the film, along with that, we also get to see a teddy bear which appears to be more than a toy. [9][10][11]

Priyanka plays a double role, so she coloured her hair twice, once red to portray the girl from future and then again black. The red-haired look is inspired from Harman Baweja's sister Rowena Baweja's painting which portrays woman of today and tomorrow. The script of Love Story 2050 inspired her to do the painting.[12]

The first trailer of the film was shown on March 21, 2008 at the premiere of Race. The film released on July 4, 2008.


Love Story 2050 focuses on Karan (Harman Baweja) and Sana (Priyanka Chopra). Karan is a young, spirited and happy go lucky boy who doesn't follow the rules. Sana is just the opposite of Karan. She is a sweet & shy girl who lives life by the rules. Even though they are completely opposite to each other, they fall in love and this leads to a beautiful and magical love story.[13]

Boman Irani plays an eccentric scientist called Dr. Yatinder Khanna who has dedicated 15 years of his life into building a time machine. In the promos Boman is shown jubilating with his successful invention when his much developed time machine finally works. Yatinder Khanna is also Karan's uncle. [14]

Sana out of curiosity expresses a wish to time travel to Mumbai city in the year 2050, but she gets killed in an accident before she gets married to Karan. Then, Uncle Yatinder discovers his time machine works and goes to Mumbai 2050, a futuristic Mumbai along with Karan, Rahul and Thea (Sana's younger sibling) to find Sana. They are indeed fascinated to see the futuristic Mumbai has flying cars, holograms, robots, Indian ninjas, androids, 200 story buildings, sky rails, laser guns, and teleportation.[15]

But the excitement ends through a series of twists and turns, which leads to the separation of Karan from the love of his life, Sana. These twists leads to the introduction of a mysterious character named Zeisha, the recarnation of Sana. Zeisha does not remember of her past life, and soon gets flashbacks of it after meeting Karan. (Priyanka Chopra)Zeisha is the woman of the future. She is a popular rockstar of the future. She is unlike Sana. She is an arrogant, bold and headstrong girl with red hair that shows her rebellious streak. She doesn't believe in love at all because, in her world love doesn't exist. She leads a lonely life after the death of her parents and this has in a way made her bitter.

Zeisha has a pet named Boo, a robotic teddy bear who helps her in all chores like cutting vegetables and fruits. Boo and QT try to unite Karan and Sana but find themselves under the threat of the demi-god villain Dr. Hoshi. After Karan tells Zeisha that he loves her, he is taken away from her by the guards. Zeisha does not believe Karan when he tells her about his time travelling and why he is in 2050. As he is being taken away, he drops Sana's diary, which Zeisha finds and reads and soon remembers about her past life. After Karan thinks he has defeated Dr.Hoshi, he comes back to Zeisha, because he is leaving back to 2008. Zeisha tells him she loves him and tells him she is Sana. Soon Dr. Hoshi tries to capture Karan and his uncle, because he wants the time machine. After a wild attept to catch Karan and Zeisha who are leaving for the time machine, Dr.Hoshi crashes into a nuclear substance truck and dies. Soon Karan goes back to 2008 with Zeisha and the rest of his family. Everyone is overjoyed to see their beloved Sana again, and soon Karan proposes to her.[16][17]




The film released on July 4, 2008. It released with 540 plus prints (including 200 digital screens) and approximately 200 prints overseas.[18]


The film opened to mostly negative reviews by the critics despite being one of the biggest and most expensive films of 2008.But Harman and Priyanka were appreciated by some.

Savio Zacharia of said, though Harry Baweja fails in certain parts, Harman Baweja manages to impress with his acting and dancing. Priyanka Chopra isn't all that impressive inspite of getting a meaty role. Boman Irani and Archana Puran Singh were praised for their good acting.But he found the villain Dr. Hoshi annoying.

Taran Adarsh of Indiatimes called Harman the new flavour of the season and someone who will have a long stay in bollywood.

Noyon Jyoti Parasara of of AOL said the movie is above average and gave a rating of 2.5 out of 5. "The problem with Love Story 2050 is that right from the first shot it seems to be an advertisement for Harman Baweja." She said that "Harman is the man and he does not let you down, especially considering he is a newcomer.[19]

Anand Vaishnav of found the film quite corny and the the characters "plain annoying" at times. He criticised the repeated and cliched dialogues like "I don’t need luck, I have love" mouthed by Harman's character Karan. The film was said to be unoriginal and very similar to many other films. He said that Harman is confident but his dialogue delivery is below the par. He said that Priyanka looks fabulous and is a fairly good performer. [20] said that the movie just "drags on" being an excessive three hours long. Harman was said to be in need of a lot of work on his acting, especially on his dialogue delivery while Priyanka's performance was deemed "lacklustre".[21]

Sheeba Hasan of feels the film was an "immense disappointment" and "a waste of a Rs. 500 million budget". The hyped special effects were said to be "inconsistent" and even "amatuerish".[22] said that "the story is nonsensical, the love story lacks soul, you dont feel for any single character in the movie". The dialogues in the movie were said to be especially "irritating". However, Harman was said to be a good dancer with good screen presence but needs to improve in the acting department.[23]

Raja Sen of harshly called the movie "absolutely ridiculous" with "nothing to offer". In reference to Harman Baweja, Sen said "He can't act. He doesn't look good. He doesn't have screen presence".[24]

Box Office

The promos of the failed to generate a big initial response and the bookings for the magnum opus sci-fi release were tepid at best, garnering only about a 25-30% advance bookings.[25]

On Friday, the film opened to a 25% response and by noon shows, was in the 35% - 40% range.[26] In multiplexes, it opened to a 50-60% response on Friday. The film has been released on 725 cinemas including 350 digital cinemas.[27]

The film crashed all around in week two, thus a disaster in India and overseas. Most call it a trade disaster because it couldn't retrieve the cost of it's budget, making Adlabs lose over 40 crores.

DVD and CD, Telecast on Television

Now, after the movie's failure Harry Baweja has plans to release the movie on DVD and has even sold the DVD rights for a huge price.The DVD pack will also include videos on the making of the film and it's special effects.

They are also going to telecast it soon on TV and are hoping that the movie will garner good trps because people will want to know more about the Harman Baweja's acting and dancing skills, Robots and the special effects of the movie.[28]

PC Game

Rocking Pixels in co-ordination with various undisclosed USA-based firms is developing a game based on the was mainly being made to promote film. The game was to be released sometime in June at an expected price point of around Rs 200 but, after the movie's failure the release date of the game has been extended. While the concept of movie-based games isn’t new, its a first for a Bollywood film.[29]


Love Story 2050
Studio album by Anu Malik
May 10, 2008 (India)
Genre Feature film soundtrack
Producer Harry Baweja

The music is composed by Anu Malik. The lyrics are by Javed Akhtar.

Song Singer(s) Notes Duration
Aa Gaya Hun Mein K.K 6:27
Mausam Achanak Ye Badla Kyun Shaan & Alka Yagnik 5:55
Milo Na Milo Shaan Picturised on Harman Baweja 6:07
Sach Kehna Kunal Ganjawala Picturised on Harman Baweja & Priyanka Chopra 6:11
Jane Kaisi Hai Teri Meri Love Story (Happy Version) Shaan 4:48
Jane Kaisi Hai Teri Meri Love Story (Sad Version) Shaan 3:22
Lover Boy Alisha Chinai Picturised on Priyanka Chopra 6:39
Meelon Ka Jaisa Tha Fasla (Happy Version) K.K & Alka Yagnik Picturised on Harman Baweja & Priyanka Chopra 6:15
Meelon Ka Jaisa Tha Fasla (Sad Version) K.K & Alka Yagnik Picturised on Harman Baweja & Priyanka Chopra 3:26


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